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Brown Enterprises
of Kansas
Happy Holidays Wichita, KS!
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In Kansas:
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Office Hours:
10 am to 7 pm CST
Mon thru Fri
Located in Derby, KS
BEK Policies
BEK, Brown Enterprises of Kansas
So tip your glass, read on as you wish.
It's in good order, you won't have to fish.
Just be sure you read it all,
You wouldn't want to stumble and fall!
Happy Holidays!
It may not be that time of year.
And rules don't always bring good cheer.
But if you're mindful and watch your step,
You'll find it easy to be filled with pep.
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Copyright Information and/or Report Internet and White Collar Crime Locations
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
National White Collar Crime Center
Internet Crime Compliant Center
An FBI - NW3C Partnership
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
BEK reserves the right, but disclaims any obligation or responsibility, to (a) refuse to post or communicate or remove any Submission from any BEK Site that violates these terms of use (including the Rules of Conduct) and (b) identify any user to third parties, and/or disclose to third parties any Submission or personally identifiable information, when we believe in good faith that such identification or disclosure will either (i) facilitate compliance with laws, including, for example, compliance with a court order or subpoena, or (ii) help to enforce this TOS (including Section 07, the Rules of Conduct), and/or protect the safety or security of any person or property, including any BEK Site or Buddy Site. BEK retains all rights to remove Submissions at any time for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

Article Submissions, whether requested or not requested will be considered in the same light. You may submit at any time an article that follows the basic guidelines of the BEK Policies and/or BEK TOS. Articles submitted should fall within the Article Submission Guidelines set forth on pages designated and linked to from the Articles Index area of BEKansas.com.
Articles can be removed at any time for any reason or no reason. Articles published are at the sole discretion of BEK and it's assigns and are removed by the same discretionary means. BEK is in no way obligated to publish sumitted articles or keep them published as stated.
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TOS 08: Removal of Submissions; Cooperation
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Derby is part of the greater Wichita, Kansas Metro area.
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