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Happy Holidays Wichita, KS!
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BEK Policies
BEK, Brown Enterprises of Kansas
So tip your glass, read on as you wish.
It's in good order, you won't have to fish.
Just be sure you read it all,
You wouldn't want to stumble and fall!
Happy Holidays!
It may not be that time of year.
And rules don't always bring good cheer.
But if you're mindful and watch your step,
You'll find it easy to be filled with pep.
Policies Index >
Copyright Information and/or Report Internet and White Collar Crime Locations
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
National White Collar Crime Center
Internet Crime Compliant Center
An FBI - NW3C Partnership
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Policies 02: General Rules for BEK Sites and Buddy Sites.
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No Attacks on Systems
No Hate Content
No Illegal Conduct
No Phishing
No Porn
No Racism
No Spam
No Terror
No Adult Content
Adult Material/Sites that promote gambling; smoking; alcohol or drug use and any or all other strictly adult behaviors are expressly prohibited.
Any sites containing or advocating hate/discrimination towards political, religious, sexual orientation, ethnicity are expressly prohibited.
Sites encouraging illegal activity of any kind including those that are misdemeanors or any propagation of devices for illegal activity.
Phishing programs for email addresses, login information, user name, passwords, personal information et al, are expressly prohibited.
Sites containing pornographic material of any kind; links to adult sites; sites that sell adult toys; sites that sell adult magazines/books.
Attacks and attempted violations of websites & network security. Any type of tampering with the websites with the purpose to inflict harm.
Racism/discrimination in all forms against citizens of any ethnic group, past or present, residing on the planet earth.
Spamming - sending unsolicited email or posting messages to any BEK or Buddy Sites or any of our assigns, clients or lists.
Sites advocating any type of terrorist activity against the United States of America or other free countries of the world are expressly prohibited.
The BEK and Buddy Sites have a zero tolerance policy for the following:
Any and all fraudulent activity including but not limited to, illegal use of credit cards, disreputable sales tactics, and underhanded marketing.
Policies 02: General Rules >
No Fraud
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